Ramp Fees / Tie Downs

Q: Does the airport charge a ramp fee?
A: The Monroe County Airport does not charge ramp fees

Q: Does the airport have tie-downs and is there a fee for this?
A: The airport does have free tie-down space. It is also filled on a first come, first serve basis. Pilots must provide their own ropes to secure to our cable system.


Fuel Information

Q: How do I get a discount on fuel?
A: At this time we only offer a discount to our based customers

Q: Does M40 have contract fuel?
A: No

Q: How can I be sure I am receiving quality fuel services?
A: All employees of The Monroe County Airport receive annual quality control and fuel management training as well as portable fire extinguisher training. Testing of fuel in storage tanks and fuel trucks is also performed and documented on a daily basis.

Callout Services

Q: Is after-hours service available? 
A: Yes, call (662) 436-6122 for after hours services. $150.00 call-out fee applies.

Rental Cars / Courtesy Cars

Q: Does the airport provide a courtesy car?
A: A courtesy car is provided first come, first served basis. The car may be used for 2 hours and a valid drivers license is required.
Q: How do I get a rental car?
A:Call  Amory Auto Sales 662-257-2002 (Note: Request delivery to the airport as business is not located on-field)

WiFi / Weather Info

Q: Does the Monroe County Airport provide wireless Internet service?
A: Free wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) is provided and a flight planning computer is located in our Conference Room. Click here for a Current Weather Forecast.


Q:Do you have an onsite A&P Aircraft Mechanic?
A:An A&P Aircraft Mechanic is located on the field. Please contact Brian Rollins, 662-315-8174

Commercial Flights

Q: Are there commercial flight services available at the Monroe County Airport?
A: There are no commercial flight services at the airport. Our main customers are businesses, private pilots, and charters.

Flight Instruction

Q: Are there any flight instructors available at the Monroe County Airport?
A: There are currently no active instructors located on the field.

Rental Aircraft

Q: Are any aircraft available on the field for rental?
A: There are currently no planes available to rent.